Why You Aren't Building Muscle

Published: 30/01/2019

Happy Humpday guys and girls

I'm seeing a LOT of gym goers lately feeling a little stumped when it comes to how many reps/ sets to perform and how long the rest period should be between sets for their individual goals. So let's set that straight... (hypertrophy focus) 

For those of you STRENGTH training. 

When training to increase strength, you want to be aiming for over 85% of your 1 rep max (contact me if you need advice on how to test this) for 1 - 5 repetitions with 3 - 5 minutes rest in between and 2 - 6 sets in total per training session, once or twice weekly (per muscle group). 

For those of you HYPERTROPHY training (building muscle mass).

When training to build muscle mass, aim for around 67 - 85% of your 1 rep max for 6 - 12 repetitions and 3 - 6 sets per training session with 1 - 2 minutes rest between sets, once or twice weekly (per muscle group). 

For those of you looking to increase ENDURANCE (muscular and cardiovascular)

When training to increase endurance, aim for less that 65% or your 1 rep max, because you want to be performing at least 15 repetitions with 30 - 60 seconds rest in between sets and 2 - 3 sets per training session, 2 or 3 times weekly. 

Now, you've all heard of anabolic hormones (absolute key to building muscle mass) but have you ever looked into catabolic hormones? Catabolic hormones break down structures within the body. One of the most catabolic hormones known is cortisol, a hormone which is released by OVER training and pretty much turns your bodys stored protein and muscle into glycogen to use for energy. So yep, you guessed it, by shortening rest times between sets; cutting back on sleep; training too many days in a row or performing too many repetitions you are encouraging the release of cortisol which is potentially holding back your results.  

So in short, yes - I am telling you that if you want to build muscle mass, chill out and stop moving so much for so long at a time. But there's your scientific explanation of how and why. There are many more factors that contribute to building adequate muscle mass but here are your basic principles and feel free to contact me with any questions 

Why You Aren't Building Muscle