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After studying to become a fully qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer, I went on to do certificates in instructing battle ropes and combat fitness before beginning training for my first Olympic weightlifting competition.

I worked in a couple of chain gyms but found it was becoming increasingly difficult to slot shifts in alongside my current part time role within the ambulance service, so started paying rent to use gyms per training session instead. After awhile, I looked at my typical clientele and what they really needed before deciding it really doesn't need to be pricey on their part to get them there. My steady income meant I could spare some time and give away some freebies while researching and putting a structured business plan in place. I first began selling individual plans but found clients often losing motivation where they could stop and start their plans, so off I went to do some more research.... Enter - Monthly Subscription Plans. All 3 of my payment options work out much cheaper than the pay per plan, and my clients are just happy that they don't need to keep fiddling about with payments. Win win! 

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